Take a look back at this year's Above the Fold + help me make some decisions about the future.

November 2022

Eye-catching (and sauce-catching) filled pasta starts with these hand-made wooden masterpieces.

October 2022

Frankie shares his dumpling origins, unique creative process, and what you'll find in his debut cookbook, First Generation.

September 2022

Marbled. Baked. Stuffed with kasha. Fried in goose fat. Learn all about Zuza Zak's brand-new book that goes deep on Polish dumplings.

August 2022

Let's dive into the ravioli-verse.

July 2022

Salteñas! Siopao! Siu Mai Sausage Rolls!
Above the Fold is getting a bit of a makeover. Until then, we'll be sharing semi-regular dumpling pics to tide you over.

June 2022

The duo behind Portland, Maine-based BenReuben's Knishery talk round vs. square knish, knish geography, and the beauty and challenges of going starch on…

May 2022

“I always want [my children] to know where they came from and who they are, and to be able to celebrate that fearlessly and loudly.”
How Samosa Shop combines Indian, West Indian, and New Jersey's flavors into wholly unique creations.

March 2022

A preview of the Ukrainian and Eastern European dumplings that you'll find in her forthcoming cookbook, BUDMO!, now available for pre-order!

February 2022

Happy Valentine's Day! Here, I got you some flowers.