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This is a newsletter all about dumplings + the people that make them.

Hey there! I’m a journalist and editor based in Brooklyn with a lifelong obsession with dumplings1. As a genre of food, dumplings are beloved all over the world for a reason: They’re comforting, they’re celebratory, and they’re extremely delicious.

They also require a ton of specialized skill, patience, and passion to make well—especially if you do so for a living.

Enter Above the Fold, a newsletter (and soon, print zine) spotlighting the people dedicated to making these culinary labors of love.

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Above the Fold is written + designed by Leah Mennies. Logo by Leah Mennies.


Anything that’s carefully folded/stuffed/enclosed is fair game. Pelmeni? Yep! Empanadas? You betcha!

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Stories about dumplings + the people who make them.


I'm a Brooklyn-based writer and editor that loves puns, dachshunds, fancy sweatshirts, and dumplings (ahem). Learn more about my professional background and check out some of my past work at
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