This is a newsletter all about dumplings + the people that make them.

Hey there! I’m a journalist and editor based in Boston with a lifelong obsession with dumplings

. As a genre of food, dumplings are beloved all over the world for a reason: They’re comforting, they’re celebratory, and they’re extremely delicious.

They also require a ton of specialized skill, patience, and passion to make well—especially if you do so for a living.

Enter Above the Fold, a twice-monthly newsletter spotlighting the people dedicated to making these culinary labors of love.

Come for conversations with people who specialize in kreplach, patties, empanadas, potstickers, and much more.

Newsletters will arrive twice a month, always anchored by a Q&A with a talented dumpling pro2. We’ll be discussing their culinary backstories, what drew them to dumplings, and lots of nerdy intel about fillings, wrappers, techniques, and the tunes they blast to get into the folding zone.

Stay for some other stuff!

Like mail-order dumpling suggestions, links to relevant news and lovely reads, cookbook recommendations, gift ideas, and, of course, links to recipes that I’ve tried and enjoyed and think you probably will, too.

It’s free. (For now.)

Right now, I’m paying out of pocket to fund research and interviews, so this project will, simply, last as long as I can make that work—who knows what the future holds? If there’s enough interest, I may add on some paid extras which would help fund things like recipes, original photography, and paying guest contributors.

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Above the Fold is written by Leah Mennies. Logo and design elements by the amazing and talented Claudia Mak.


Anything that’s carefully folded/stuffed/enclosed is fair game. Pelmeni? Yep! Empanadas? You betcha!


Interview subjects are paid an honorarium for sharing their knowledge and stories with Above the Fold.

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Stories about dumplings + the people who make them.


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